Don't forget the upcoming Mid-Lakes Auction in Saturday April 18, 2020 at Rogers Park. Be prepared to volunteer to help or bring orchids for the auction. There will be more information in the upcoming newsletter and at the March meeting.

Our speaker for the March meeting will be Louis Del Favero from Del Favero Orchids in Tampa. Louis has a long history with orchids starting at a very young age. He traveled to Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean viewing orchids. He opened his first green house in Tampa in 1981 and has been importing specie orchids ever since. He has a large greenhouse area open to the public with species and compact cattleyas. Come to the meeting prepared to add to your orchid collection.


A not-for-profit Organization of Orchid Lovers and Growers in the heart of Central Florida.

 Some beautiful Raffle plants were available for the February meeting. Don't forget to buy your tickets!

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Welcome to Mid-Lakes Orchid Society!

March Meeting:

Our next meeting is:

Thursday March 12th at 7:00 P.M.

The February meeting will be held at our new location in the Leesburg Community Center in the Griffin Room. This Building is just across the street from our old location. Use the Canal Street entrance as always. The main entrance to the building is where all the flags are flying. Once you enter the building turn right at the first hallway. The Griffin Room is the first room on the left.

Our speaker for the February meeting was Peter T. Lin who is an American Orchid Society accredited judge from California. He brought with him a great selection of the mini vandas to purchase from. He specializes in sophronitis, mini-catts and other miniature orchids. He gave a presentation on growing compact Vandaceous species and hybrids. The list included:


  • Neofinetia
  • Ascocentrum
  • Holcoglossum
  • Vanda and Others

​The list of Hybrids:

  • Mini and compact
  • Micro Mini

He said the main pest for the mini's are scale and thrip's. He said the light  needed for growing was about the same as Cattleya's and humidity and air flow are crucial to good growth. They also will take temperatures into the 40's and up into the 90's for most of them. He also showed photo's of repotting and what the best potting method is for the mini vanda's. You can see more of his divisions and what he has available for sale at his website:

His email address is: