Bi-Annual Mid-Lakes Orchid Auction

will be held at:

Morrison United Methodist Church

1005 West Main St., Leesburg, Fl

Saturday, April 6th

From 1-4 PM

Don't forget about the upcoming Bi-Annual Mid-Lakes Orchid Auction.

You are invited to preview plants between 12 PM & 1 PM.

Cold drinks will be provided. 

For additional information please call:

Jack Batchelor @ 352-267-6933


Ann Parrish @ 407-443-1899

Checks or cash only, Please.

Click on link below for map to the auction!!

Map to Morrison United Methodist Church

1005 West Main St.

Leesburg, Fl

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MLOS Auction Card



March 12th Meeting

Our speaker for the March meeting was Edgar Perez. Edgar is an amateur grower that has tried lots of different mediums for the best root growth in his orchids. Edgar says when purchasing orchids he doesn't look at the flowers - he looks at the roots. He says it is a good indicator of the health of the orchid. He has experimented with a lot of products and gave reviews on them. He says he knows he overwaters so to overcome this he has changed his growing medium to allow for this.

For his Cattley's he uses a mix of:  Orchidata, Grow Rocks, Growstone, Charcoal and Hydroton. He uses open baskets and clay pots with lots of holes to allow for air circulation to the roots. He also adds fans to increase the circulation to his growing areas.

He has Vanda's growing in a separate area where they are watered on a irrigation system 2 x daily for 8 minutes. This was a great presentation from someone with experience and knowledge of the issues home growers encounter here in central Florida.

The speaker for April will be Jerry Steele from MLOS. Hope to see you there. 


The club is also looking for a secretary to take notes at meetings and types the notes for distribution. See Ann Parish to volunteer. Our thanks to the volunteers who have been filling in the position.

As always don't forget to buy your raffle tickets. There are always many beautiful orchids to win.

Photos below are Edgar Perez speaker for the March meeting showing samples of the mediums he uses.


A not-for-profit Organization of Orchid Lovers and Growers in the heart of Central Florida.

Welcome to Mid-Lakes Orchid Society!

April Meeting:

Our next meeting is:

April 9th, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.

Meetings are held at the :

Employee Wellness Center

201 East Dixie Ave., Leesburg, FL

The Employee Wellness Center is located at the corner of Dixie and Canal. Enter the back of the building on Canal (By the Ball Park entrance). You will see the Marina Sign on the corner.