Our thanks to the nominating committee for their hard work in lining up our board for the up-coming year. These board members will be installed at the June meeting and will take office for the 2019-2020 year. Thanks to everyone who offered their help to the MLOS. It takes a lot of people working together to keep our club working and improving for the members.

Some of the beautiful raffle plants available at the May meeting.

Don't forget the silent auction table at the meetings. Place a bid and try to win some new orchids for your collection.


A not-for-profit Organization of Orchid Lovers and Growers in the heart of Central Florida.

Mike Sieliff had some great orchids to show and tell seen in the photo below. Be sure to ask him about his awards!

Welcome to Mid-Lakes Orchid Society!

June Meeting:

Our next meeting is:

June 11th, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.

Meetings are held at the :

Employee Wellness Center

201 East Dixie Ave., Leesburg, FL

The Employee Wellness Center is located at the corner of Dixie and Canal. Enter the back of the building on Canal (By the Ball Park entrance). You will see the Marina Sign on the corner.

June will be our Last meeting of the year!

The main course will be fried chicken supplied by the club. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass. This can be dessert, salad, or entree. Whatever is your favorite dish. See you in June for some great food and friendship!!

Our speaker for the May meeting was Art Chadwick from Chadwick & Son orchids in Richmond, Va. Mr Chadwick and his father are world-renowned for their cattleya hybrids. His book, "The Classic Cattleya's" is one of the best books available on large-flowered cattleya's. He said another edition of the book is to be available soon and passed around a sign-up sheet for notification. Chadwick's have 11 greenhouses and have been featured in magazine's and on Martha Stewart's TV program. He said they have a program to care for peoples orchids when they are out of bloom. This seems like a great program for those who do not have the room to overwinter their orchids.

Art Jr. passed around a chart telling the bloom season of the cattleya orchids. This chart is valuable if you want a orchid in bloom at certain times of the year. Knowing the bloom time and where the orchid originated from helps grow better orchids. He also had some beautiful orchids for sale as seen in photo below on right.