May 8th Meeting

Mr Glenn Gross was the speaker at our May meeting. You can check out his web site at:

Mr Gross gave a presentation of how to mount a cattleya on a wood slab giving a list of the different hardwoods to use such as Cypress, Magnolia and Juniper. Glenn says to use a very small amount of spagnum moss when mounting and cutting the old roots off and allowing the new roots to take over. For bi-foliate cattleyas wait until spring with 3 or so inches of new growth before mounting.He also recommended using Orthene for pest control and checking your water ph levels for the best results on your fertilizer. Some really great ideas on maintaining orchids on mounts. See photo below of Glenn finishing a mounted cattleya.

June Meeting

Don't forget the upcoming June meeting will be our semi-annual potluck dinner. The fried chicken will be provided by the club and members are asked to bring their favorite dish to pass. This is a great time of sharing lots of great food and friendship. Also this will be our last meeting until the September meeting. Don't forget to bring your orchids for the monthly show & tell after the meeting. There is also a silent auction held at the end of every meeting - you can get some great bargains! 


Rhyncholaaelia digbyana - was

Brassavola digbyana

​(grown and photo by

C. Crowley)

Dendrobium Aggreatum

​Photo by C.Crowley

Welcome to Mid-Lakes Orchid Society!

June Meeting:

Our next meeting is:

June 12th, 2018 at 7:00 P.M.

Meetings are held at the :

Employee Wellness Center

201 East Dixie Ave., Leesburg, FL

The Employee Wellness Center is located at the corner of Dixie and Canal. Enter the back of the building on Canal (By the Ball Park entrance). You will see the Marina Sign on the corner.


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