And of course you can't have a orchid auction without all the great people that came ready to buy some new orchids!!

Our volunteers had to work hard to keep up with Suzanne.

Working the Paddleboard:  Deb Embry, Sheila Alsobrook, and Rosemary Arnieri.

Suzanne Farnsworth doing a great job explaing the orchid up for bid.

This was a great orchid auction with so many beautiful orchids up for auction. Lots of people bidding on their favorites and lots of orchids going to new homes. Thanks to all the volunteers who help to put the auction on and a special thank you to Suzanne Farnsworth for the great job she always does with her special knowledge of orchids. We appreciate all the work everyone puts in to make the MLOS auction a success. Lots of happy people at the end of the auction. A special shout out to the volunteers who put in loads of work assembling and showing the orchids and the ladies who made sure the orchid bidding was kept straight. Thanks to Ken and Nancy for always working to keep the money straight and to Marion for taking care of the raffle tickets. So many people helped with this venture I will probably miss some but a special thanks to all. 

‚ÄčOur runner worked hard to get the orchids to their new owners.


A not-for-profit Organization of Orchid Lovers and Growers in the heart of Central Florida.

Photos of the MLOS semi-annual Orchid Auction held April 21, 2018 at the Community Building in Leesburg.