Ken Carter was handling the paddle boards and Nancy Gassler (not in the photo) was the cashier.

This was a great orchid auction with so many beautiful orchids up for auction. Lots of people bidding on their favorites and lots of orchids going to new homes. Thanks to all the volunteers who help to put the auction on, there is lots of work done behind the scene and before the auction. We appreciate all the effort everyone puts in to make the MLOS auction a success. Lots of happy people at the end of the auction taking home some beautiful new orchids for their collection. 

This is only a small portion of the people that worked on setting up the auction. Many hands are necessary to put on the MLOS Orchid Auction. Most of the work is done behind the scene long before the actual day. Thanks to all that volunteered and put forth the effort necessary to make this auction a success. 

And of course you can't have a orchid auction without all the great people that came ready help.

Photos of the MLOS semi-annual Orchid Auction held December 1st, 2018 at the Rogers Park pavilion in Leesburg.

Marion Perrott doing a great job selling ticket for the plant raffle.


A not-for-profit Organization of Orchid Lovers and Growers in the heart of Central Florida.

Jack and Brian setting up a table of orchids for auction.