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Photos of the MLOS Repotting Clinic at Simon Seed, April 22, 2017

So come and join us at the next Potting Clinic and see what you can learn!!

Jack Batchelor working hard repotting an orchid and giving care instructions.

Many people took advantage of the expertise available at the potting clinic.

Suzanne Farnsworth mounting Cattleya and Dendrobium orchids for sale at the potting clinic.

Those of us who attended the repotting clinic at Simon Seed were not just shown repotting and mounting but also received a ton of information on how to repot and care for our orchids. Our great thanks go to Suzanne Farnsworth, Jack Batchelor, and Wally Wilder for working hard to give every plant special care. All their hard work created some great new friends for MLOS. Our thanks also to Bondine for allowing us to use her beautiful location at Simon Seed for the clinic. See photos below of all the work.

​Wally Wilder repotting an orchid at the clinic.